Community Service Hours

Community Service CANNOT be completed at a private/personal business, whether you get paid or not. They also CANNOT be done helping at home or helping family members with any type of work where there is personal gain. When in doubt, please email me at:

  • Graduation Requirement: 20 hours of community service. 

Community Service Forms are available here and in the school office.


Work Permits

  • All minors, ages 15 through 17 must have a Work Permit to be employed.
  • Work Permit Applications are available in the school office.



You can choose from a list of local organizations looking for help virtually + in person. Make sure to ask if they’ll sign off on volunteer hours- each charity is different and may say no.

Check out volunteer openings at organizations around the Bay Area by city/county. Make sure to ask if they’ll sign off on volunteer hours- each charity is different and may say no.

Write PenPal letters and/or participate in Video Calls with students/seniors who need social interaction. For more info about the program email:


Union City Family Center

725 Whipple Road, U.C.

(510) 476- 2770

Help with drive-thru food distribution. 

Send an email prior to going:

IVC Middle School 

Bus Zone on Fredi St., U.C.

(510) 489- 0700

Help with drive-thru food distribution.

Send an email prior to going:

Tri-City Volunteers

37350 Joseph Street, Fremont

(510) 598- 4066

Volunteers needed to help put together food boxes. Also opportunities are coming up for events where extra volunteers are needed. Fill out a volunteer application linked above to help.

Our Lady of the Rosary

703 C Street, U.C.

(510) 471-2609

Volunteers are needed to help with Friday night dinner service for families in the community. Set up at 5p.Call Donald at the number listed above to sign up ahead of time.

Union City Library

34007 Alvarado Niles Road

(510) 745-1464

Volunteers are needed to help shelve books and organize sections. Only 1-2 students a day will be selected. You can drop in to check, but email/call to schedule is recommended.

Kennedy Youth Center

1333 Decoto Road, U.C.

(510) 675-5329

Call ahead to see if any volunteers are needed for the day/week. They sometimes have opportunities open for day to day tasks or upcoming community events.